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Minx has fun. by DrSklee
Minx has fun.
a request for :iconpeppy2250:
this is what I believe minx would look like in SKlees world.

Also I added a disembodied SKlee head because its funny
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes, violence/gore, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)
A young koala goth girl skipped happily through a pumpkin field, her black dress bounced about her waist, long dark striped socks
climbed her legs, bandages plastered across her face as well as her arms, and two skull hair bows held her fluffy ears back.

She smiled happily exposing a chip in her tooth, as she hopped from pumpkin
to pumpkin in search of the perfect one.

"Thith one ith too small, and you! You are a lopsided dirty little pumpkin boy! You should be ashamed of yoursefh!" She spoke with a lisp with every
sentance that came from her mouth, flinging spit in the direction she was facing.

Another koala like creature followed close behind her. His fur was bright neon green, with a white medical lab-coat draped across it, heavy red and
black boots were tied tight to his legs, some red and white goggles lay on his head, and a thick belt filled with pockets and syringes was strapped
across his waist.

"Kurai! Kurai slow down, daddy cant run as fast as you can!"

The little girl turned around and held her breath. "Ith not my fault your going too slow daddeh, Sthklee!! The pumpkins cant wait forevers and we need to
find the perfect one!"

SKlee held his head down , but looked back up flashing a wide pointed grin "Kurai, deary your so silly " He put his hand on her shoulder."Pumpkins are
like people, none of them are perfect, but that doesnt mean you cant the one best for you!" He kneeled down and booped his daughters nose.

Kurai fell into his arms and let out a giggle. "Well...Imma sthtill try to find a good one! One thaths perfect for me!"

She darted off leaving her father behind again. Sklee shook his head and continued to follow close behind her.

Kurai had searched the patch for about an hour before finally letting out a gasp. She kneeled down and grabbed onto a bright orange, lopsided pumpkin.

"Heth tho perfect!

Sklee strutted over to her then sat beside her in the dirt. "This one? Are you sure? He isnt as plump and round as the others."

Kurai nodded happily before rubbing a paw down the side of it " His face is special, just like mine!"

Her father gave her a smirk before standing up, mud caking into the fur on his knees. Reaching into his medical pouch he pulled out a sharp scalpel,
and sliced the vine of the gourd.He then lifted it up with all his might and held it over his bony shoulder.

"C'mon Kurai lets take mister pumpkin home"

Kurai grabbed and held his arm nearly knocking him off balance,as Sklee slowly trudged all the way home...

As the day passed Kurai an Sklee continued preparations for Halloween, it was one day away so they worked their hardest to have everything done by morning.
Outside of their home in the side of the mountain, lights were strung up around the entrance door. They glimmered bright oranges and green. Inside SKlee
had set up a colorful bowl of candy ready to hand out to the trick or treaters.

Kurai stepped outside happily, a freshly carved Jack-O-Lantern in hand. She breathed in the crisp Autumn air and smiled as she watched a small group of cats
running around the trees lead by one pure black leader dark as the night . As She placed her Jack-o-Lantern onto the grass ,
the kids came running up beside her.

One snickered "Oh hey! Are you the girl who lives here?"

Kurai tilted her head curiously. "Oh? Um.. YESTH, I liveth here with my daddy, and the monsters under my bed, we are family!"

The kids looked at each other and giggled.

"Listen to the way she talks!, its so stupid!" One of the yelled out.

"W-wah? I-ITH NOT MY FAULT! I-I cant help I talk like thith..i-ith just the way my mouth workth!"

One of them ripped Kurai out of the doorway and threw her into the dirt. "What a ninny! What kind of dope still believes in monsters under their beds!"

"B-b-but the monsterth are the oneth daddy made they're family-AH" Her yells were cut off as one of the kids kicked her in her side and laughed.
Kurai laid shivering on the ground before crying out "DADDEH!"

SKlee had heard the hustle and bustle and was already headed for the door, he swung it open with all his force. "WHAT THE HELL  ARE YOU KIDS DOING TO MY

"Oh look!" The leader of the five laughed "Its big daddy! Hes so scawy we better wun away!" He laughed before snatching a baseball bat from one of the other kids hands. "Sorry for all the trouble
Old man" He approached Sklee slowly "We were just trying to have some fun!"

He pulled back his arms and with a quick swing he slammed the bat into SKlees head. His body twisted around before landing in the grass unconsicounce,
spraying blood across the dirt.

"DADDY!" Kurai cried as she ran over to her father.

The leader of the kids spat on the dirt "Dats what you get for getting in the way of Spats gang!" He laughed as he turned, the gang running off,
leaving the two beaten family members in the dust.

SKlee moaned as he slowly climbed to his feet.

"DADDY! ARE YOU OK?!" Kurai reached down to help him up

"Im ..fine..dearest...a bit shaken but not stirred"

She cried and cuddled close to him "I thought we were dead.."

Sklee stood up onto his feet. His knees were shaking and his body wobbled. "We aren't dead.." He reached down to pick his daughter up into his arms.
"But someone will be...Kurai...why don't for Halloween tomorrow..we plan a very  VERY special surprise for our new friends?" He said , a wicked smile
slowly crossing his face.

"That...thounds like a.. marvalouth idea.. Daddy~" She snickered as as Sklee carried her inside to begin planning out their special day.


Halloween night had arrived, the moon arose into the sky. Spats, and his friends gathered in the park, all dressed in a set of power ranger costume.
"Tubby, Chunk, Butch, Harley..Did Ya'll remember to bring the eggs?"

A chubby brown cat chuckled, "Yeah I got the eggs!"

"Nice Job Harley"

A short orange tabby swayed her body "And I got the toilet paper!

"Good Chunk!"

A spotted Calico with a thick Mohawk snorted "Were gonna make the make the town fear us!!!" HE flaied a bat in the air

"Calm down Butch.."

A fat sloppy Siamese cat chowed down on some chocolate "AND steal all their candy!"
" We sure are Tubby"

"Well then, let the Halloween heist begin!"

The gang snickered and walked out into the streets. They stopped the children that walked by them, threatening them, and taking their candy.
The houses that didn't give them their sweet treats they egged, shattered the windows, and wrapped in toilet paper.

They continued to take pleasure in their destruction of the town, before a small girl in a plaque doctors mask and a bucket of candy ran by and caught
Harley's eye.

"Ill met with you later spats..I've got a little baby to rob!"  Harley cracked his knuckles as he followed up behind her. "Hey...Kiddo!You look like you got
allot of candy tonight"

The young child turned to face him and tilted her head, eyes concealed by the lifeless black holes of the mask.

"I think you should share some with know, so I don't have to get rough with you." He hit his hand with his fist in a threatening manor.

She looked up at him and shook her head no.

"Kid I don't wanna have to hurt you, give me the candy before I take it from you!"

She shook her head again , before darting away. Harley jumped up and gave chase to her.
The two ran down the road their feet pitter-paddering down the street. The young cloaked girl turned into an alley and shivered
in corner of the stone walls.

"There you are...You know there are consequences for disobeying.." He cracked his knuckles and smirked "Any last words before you feel your end?"

"Well.." The girl finally spoke."Look behind you."

Harley's stepped back a minute ,confused, before turning his head in time to see another figure in a plague doctors mask swing a shovel directly at his face.
It hit hard and everything around him faded to black.

He finally woke up after what seemed like a lifetime. His head ached and his body was sore. Two figures stood above him, the two plague doctors from
earlier sat in a large empty room and looked over at him... They looked at each other for a moment, then back to him and spoke.
"DO you know where you are?"

His eyes widened as his mind snapped back to consciousnesses. He felt his body being tightly restrained. Jolting his head around he could see he was bound
tightly to a chair by a coil of chains. The big empty room he was in was a small dark apartment cobwebs hung from the ceiling and a small bag sat in
the corner. "W-what....WHY AM I HERE, WHATS GOING ON?!"

"DO you know what day it ith?" The small one stepped to the corner picking up the bag.

"What the hell do you mean do I know the day? H-h...Halloween?...Is that it?"

"That's right!"She handed the bag to the tall one. "and do you know what we do on Halloween?"

The tall one slowly pulled a thick carving knife out of the bag."We carve pumpkins." he growled in a deep voice.

"I don't see any pumpkin-...D-DO YOU MEAN..ME?! N-NO NO NO! You are NOT carving me! Im not a pumpkin!"

"We aren't going to kill you yet" The small one clapped her paws. "We need to have some fun first!

"Were going to make sure you stay alive during the whole thing..." The tall one slowly approached him.

Harley shook in the chains, hissing and yelling at them "T-T-THEY'RE GONNA HEAR ME, AND..AND THEY'RE GONNA COME! YOU JUST WAIT!"

"A child screaming for help.." The tall one said. " Or just another Halloween decoration or trick? You'd be surprised what you can get away with on Halloween.

His body twitched as he snickered and laughed then he lunged foward. His.His cold paws grasped Harley's neck and jerked his head backwards.
He lifted the knife towards Harley's face and made a gentle cut across his lips. Harley flailed his body as best as he could in an attempt to escape.

"NO! Hold thill or itll hurt more!" the small one squeaked.

"Let him squirm dear...Its more fun when they squirm"

He continued pressing the blade into his mouth. Tears began forming in Harlys eyes, as the side of his mouth was slit open.

"Make a funny face on him Daddy!" The small one said excitedly jumping up and down.

"Were going to give him a big smile!"

The blade twisted around in his flesh, making a sickening slicing sound ring through Harley's ears. The tall one quickly tossed the blade to the side and
dug around in his tool bag until he had found a pair of pliers. He pressed his thumbs into the sides of Harley's mouth aligning the pliers with a tooth in
the front, bottom of his mouth. "Vegetables aren't supposed to have teeth, and you are our pumpkin this year!" He squeezed the pliers tight around his tooth,
making the enamel crackle and break. Then began to slowly rip the tooth out of its gums and roots. "That's one down, only thirty one more!
He continued pulling doing the same painful and careless process with each tooth,until finally all thirty two were gone.  

"Hm, he can still move his jaw a bit too much.." The tall one looked baffled at his carnage.

"I have an idea!" The small one ran to the tall ones side and pulled a hammer out of the bag. She put her hand against the side of Harley's face,
feeling around for his cheek bone. "Ahh here it is!"

She pulled back the hammer and swung it at his mouth. It made a snap, Harley screamed in pain, or at least as best he could
with his mouth carved open. "I don't think I broke it enough...its still all jittery!" She swung the hammer again and again. His jaw broke and snapped,
a few shards of bone began poking out through his skin, blood trickled down the side of his face.

"That's much better! His jaw is nice and loose now, cant move something that's broken!"

The tall one dropped the pliers onto the ground, and reached into his bag once more. This time, he pulled out a pair of rusty scissors. He opened them and
clinched them around Harley's tongue . With a quick clinch the scissors slammed shut.They sliced through his flesh and hacked
through the muscle leaving his floppy muscle dangling by a thread of skin. The short one pushed her daddy over, and grabbed the tongue from Harley's mouth,
ripping it out leaving nothing but an exposed wound.

Blood gushed from Harley's mouth, he hacked and coughed up chopped up flesh chunks onto his chest.

"Now we can add the light!" The small one said. Pulling a  short candle out of the bag, she placed it in his gaping bleeding mouth. Harley choked but was
unable to gag out the candle without anything left to push it out.

"Yes! It will be a grand jack-o-lantern!" The tall one lit a match and pressed the flame against candles wick lighting up Harley's mouth like a light show.
Smoke arose from the flame and hot wax began to drip down into his open wounds.

Harley's eyes filled with tears.The pain was unbearable, but there was nothing left he could do about it.

"Now one final touch!" The tall one spoke. He twirled sharp scissors in his hands and jabbed them into the top of Harley's mouth. He continued stabbing and
stabbing until an open wound reached all the way through to his head, Harley's movements had widdled down to nothing as he had finally died from blood loss.

"Almost..."  He drove his fingers into Harley's eyes, and ripped them out with one
forceful pull. Smoke and fire from the candle filled up Harley's hollow head and his corpse lit up, flicking and crackling inside his carved up and silly
pumpkin face.

"Hes such a pretty pumpkin! We should leave him out for everyone to see.."

The two looked at each other and nodded before dragging Harley back outside...


Out on the streets, the gang of cats had been too busy making trouble to realize the events that took place.

Spats held down a small kid with his foot, knocking and battering him about as he took away his candy.

Tubby walked over to his side, chocolate covering his face. " Spats...I think something wrong"

Spats took his foot off the kid and turned to the fat cat "Cant ya see I'm a bit busy here? Whats could be so wrong that we should stop f*cking around with
the kids?"

"Its Harley...Hes been gone for at least half an hour"

Spats sat up slowly and turned around, counting the three that were currently with him. "Your...right Harley's missing."

"He's been missing ever since he chased that little girl away" Chunk turned to her leader. " I think we should look for him...something must be wrong, no one
would ever leave the group for so long on a mission!"

Spats dropped the bag of candy back in front the child on the floor, the kid quickly grabbed it and darted off for home.

"C'mon guys, were gonna backtrack to see if we can locate him"

The four gathered up and continued to walk the path, but this time in the opposite direction to try to locate their friend. Along the way nothing seemed out of the
ordinary for most of it, until Butch spotted a trickle of red leading out of an apartment and into the street.

"GRBRBA...BLOOD! BLOOD! " He bounced around "I-ITS BLOOD ITS BAD!"

"Calm down Butch!" Chunk held his shoulder" There's allot of things it could be with so many trick or treaters running around tonight. We'll see where it leads
before we jump to conclusions"

Spats nodded and lead the team down the sidewalk , following the trail. It eventually stopped at a peculiar looking house. The lights were all off, but a
single silhouette stood out in front.A pumpkin head all lit up and carved, sitting neatly on top of a cloaked figure.

" supposed to be a decoration?" Spats said taking a step back.

A small drop of puss dripped out of the Jack-o-lanterns eye. Spats swallowed and slowly reached out grabbing the pumpkin with trembling hands. Pulling the
head  and cloak off the decoration he stepped back quickly dropping the fruit to the ground. Chunk let out a scream of terror, and Tubby vomited up the chocolate he'd
been munching on all day, across the sidewalk. Their friend ,Harley's, body was stabbed on a large steak, his head sliced off and stuck to the top, glowing
from the candles lodged inside, and a twisted grin carved permanently across his face.


The four stood their baffled for awhile until the silence was interrupted by a shuffling movement in the bushes.

"W-what was that.."

The four of them began to jolt their bodies around nervously in hopes to find the location of the sound. Butch caught eye of one of the plague doctors
hanging upside down from a tree spying on them, before quickly climbing back out of view. He let out a scream and began running off away from the group.
The other three quickly gave chase after him.

"BUTCH COME BACK WHERE ARE YOU GOING" Spats yelled at his fleeing friend



Ignoring the cried of this friend he continued to dart away, screaming like madman and barely able to run straight.
As he turned the corner near the park he ran by some bushes, but before he could pass, a hand covered by a black gloved shot out of the bush and
dragged him inside scraping his face and skin across the pavement.


The kids turned the corner where Butch had disappeared in. Only to see a thick red stripe of blood leading off the sidewalk and into park bushes.
Spats swallowed hard, but motioned the others to fallow him through the bushes in an attempt to find their lost friend before it was too late.
They slowly began crawling through to the other side, the faint but very real sound of circus music ringing through their ears. Spats was the first to poke
his head out peeking through the other side.

"See anything out there Spats?"

"Yeah but if I told wouldn't believe me."

The other three peeked out the side of the bush turning their attention the the middle of the park. A stage show lit up the open area. A circus cart placed
conveniently in front of a large crowd staring in awe. The music blared through speakers, pumpkins where set up in front of the stage, and a long and skinny
black cat stood on stage. His red top-hat and cape gleamed in the spotlights. His eyes glowed an unnatural color of red, and a large fully functional human like
hand hung off the tip of his long tail.

HE smugly walked up to the front of the stage and bowed. "I ADVISE ALL OF YOU TO STAY SEATED AND WATCH IN AWE AS I PERFORM MY SPOOKIEST ACT OF ALL TIME!"

Tubby grabbed Spats shoulder "Spats.. Spats"

"What is it Tubby, did you find butch?"

"No, but I think I might know where he is..." He pointed a finger over to a blood trail leading to the backstage of the circus cart.

The three jumped to their feet and tried to quietly sneak behind the audience and off to the side of the stage, but were quickly stopped when they bumped
into the two plague doctors.

"If you want to go wait until after the show.."The tall one said before pointing away to the audience."

"I don't have to listen to you two!" Spats pulled out his baseball bat, and waved it about in a threatening manner.

The doctor stepped away backstage and returned with a large purple chainsaw, and began reving it. Spats eyes widened as he backed up slowly and went to sit
down in the audience, the rest of his group following behind him.

"G-guys" Spats said "I think the only way we will be able to see if hes ok is by waiting till the shows over and the guards aren't as willing to chop us in
half to get backstage."

"Agreed" Chunk nodded.

Jaq looked down at the crowed and sighed. "SO if we are all done trying to sneak back stage and expose my tricks, are we ready to start?"

"YEEEAY!" The children in the crowed cheered happily.

Jaq snickered and clapped his hands, and a table magically appeared in front of him in a cloud of red glittery smoke.

"For my first trick Ill be doing one of the basics!" He removed the tall top-hat from his head and placed it down on the table. "Pulling a rabbit out of the

He pulled his magic wand out of his coat and tapped the edge of the hat three times. Crows and ravens swarmed out of the hat and flew over the crowd leaving
blood curdling screeches as they flew over. "Oh no, looks like the crows might have gotten to him first..." Jaq reached in pulling out a small rabbit corpse.

The crowed gasped at the gory sight. Jaq looked it over curiously.

"Well that's an easy fix!" He smiled putting the rabbit onto the table, then grabbed the tablecloth and with quick movement ripped it right off the table.
Without even a second to blink the rabbit on the table was all better, it hopped happily into Jaqs hat and he placed it back on his head.

"Now that was just a test! Remember folks everything I do up here on stage is only a trick no matter how scary things get! So from now on, prepare for things
to get allot more shocking, and don't worry! Everyone involved in my tricks are never harmed! So without further adieu, lets get SPOOOOooooOOOKY!"

He walked to the side of the stage pulling on a cord. A rope began to lower in the middle of the stage, lowering down onstage was a beaten, battered, and gagged
Butch. His eyes wide with tears, he tried screaming through the gag but it was no use. Chunck, Spats, and Tubby gasped in horror, as they were about to jump
up to attempt to free their friend one of the doctors from back stage glared at them. The three sat back down slowly.

"If we go up to help him...we'll all die..."

Jaq cut the rope unraveling it from around Butch and then smiled up at him.

"This here is my lovely assistant!He has joined us today in hopes to entertain you!"

Jaq stood Butch up in the middle of the stage and motioned for assistance.The two Doctors pushed a large colorful box on stage. Jaq opened it pulling out a
large sharp edged sword.

"Watch in awe, as we connect our bodied through MAGIC!" Jaq pulled the gag out of butches mouth and whispered to him "Stay quiet, or you will die now..."

Butch obliged , but continued sobbing onstage, as Jaq held the sword up to his mouth. He let out a manic laugh as he began inserting the sharp edge into his
throat. A thick bulge formed as Jaq gagged and chocked on the sword. Drool sputtered into the air as he coughed. Soon enough Butch began shivering
uncontrollably. He gagged and began to vomit across the stage floor, red blood like fluid and glitter hurled from his mouth with a splash.

The crowd clapped and cheered, as others tried to keep from throwing up themselves.Another bulge began rising, but this time from Butch's throat. His body
trembled as the blade began slowly poking out from his throat, Jaq still pushing it deeper into this own. Butch grabbed his throat as nearly the full sword
blade pushed out from his mouth. Jaq began slowly removing it from his own mouth, and the sword began pushing its was back deeper into Butches throat until it
completely disappeared out of sight.

"I-I-I can still feel it..i.i.n my stomach..." He cried

Jaq yanked the rest of the sword out of his mouth and tossed it to the ground. "SEE?!MAGIC!"

The crowed clapped and cheered, they have never seen anything like that before. Except for Spats and his gang, they were in shambles forced to watch the
torture of their friend for the amusement of others,  knowing there was nthing they could do themselves.

Jaq laughed "And now for my next trick! Zig Zag illusion!!"

He motioned off stage once more.The doctors returned putting the sword back into the box and wheeling it off stage, then returning with a large human sized
box, that was separated into three pieces stacked on top of one another.

Jaq opened the box revealing it was all solid inside. "Now We just stuff my lovely assistant inside! He grabbed Butch by the arm and forced him into the box.
"With a few taps of my magic wand, we can make the amazing happen!"

He closed the doors on Butch , and swung his magic wand around. Then with a few taps on the side of box, he began to push the middle section away from the
other two. Sickening snaps and the sound of breaking bones could be heard from inside the magic box, Butches eyes went wide and he bit his lip hard moaning
in pain. Soon enough the middle section of the box where his torso was located was completely pushed out from the middle and floating over the stage.

Jaq walked to the other side and waved his hand around the floating box "See? No wires.One hundred percent pure magic!"
He stepped back behind the Butch's head and began pushing that box away in the opposite direction as well. More cracks and snaps filled the air, as more of
the sparkling blood fluid began drizzling from Butch's mouth and out the sides of the boxes.

"What about a peek inside?" He darted around staged opening all three of the boxes. Butches body parts were all dismembered parts floating in each of the
boxes on opposite sides of the stage. A few strings of flesh coudl also been seen hanging from the dismembered parts. Jaq closed all the doors and pushed
everything back together again , then he snapped his fingers and flung the door open. Butch was sitting in the middle of the box, unharmed but still looking
very ill."

"For my last and final trick! We will be sawing this fine fellow in half!" The crowd gasped and Spats, Chunk, and Tubby's hearts sank.

Jaq motioned the final time off stage. The doctors came back on stage and pushed away the magic box, just to push in another, this one more shaped like a bed.
The two doctors then grabbed the hands of butch and "assisted" him into the box closing the lid on top shut. Jaq lined himself up behind Butch and snickered
pulling out a large handsaw. "Now, be amazed!" Jaq pushed his saw down to the middle of the box and began sawing. Butch trembled as the saw began to cut the
wood. A mere few inches away from his body. It got closer and closer with every movement.

With a loud splortch, Jaq had hit flesh. Butch began to flail and cry and scream. The saw began tearing through his flesh like a hot knife through butter.
Blood gushed from the hole in the box. It dripped down the side and began puddling on the stage floor. Jaq cut deeper and deeper, soon hitting his bones and

'I-It gets a little ...stuck around this part..." Most of the crowd had pushed themselves back in their seats shocked at the site.

Jaq had finally hit the bottom of the box. "Now for the grand finally!" He ripped the two peices apart Butches organs falling out in between the two sides of
the boxes making a chain of gore. Candy and toys flew out of Butch's body and towards the crowd and the kids cheered as the greedily grabbed at whatever
they could. Fireworks shot up in the back of the stage as Jaq pushed Butches body together, and the curtians closed.

The gang jumped up from the audience and ran out to the back of the stage, seeing if they could locate their friend.

"That was horrible...oh god..I hope he will be OK!"

"I hope so too Chunk, lets hope these really just were fake magic tricks"

They began shuffling around backstage in hopes to find their friend. Everything was covered in drops of black goo, some tentacles hung from the ceiling.

"What is this place...and what are these black things?" Spats asked himself.

"GUYS I FOUND HIM!" Tubby yelled.

The other two ran over to see. Butch was sitting still and quietly on a chair, his eyes wide open and blood shot and his face pale and grey.

"Butch...are you OK buddy?" Chunk went to touch him and brushed her hand against his chest.

Butches top half began to move. It slowly slipped off from his bottom half, still sitting, and slid onto the floor with a splat. Chunks eyes widened and
she backed up slowly towards the others.

"You guys shouldn't be here" A voice echoed from behind them.

They quickly turned to see Jaq, the stage magician sitting behind them.

"Theyre still after you.."

"W-who's after us?!" Spat spoke out and jumped up threatening Jaq with his bat "And what did you do to our friend"

Jaq shook his head "Remember those stories you heard...the monsters that live under the bed. Well they're real, and you have greatly insulted and injured our
two leaders! Your not safe anymore..." His head slowly twitched to the side as black fluid began leaking from his eyes, and tentacles rose from behind him.
"You've upset the corruption, on our strongest night! Halloween! ALL YOU CAN DO NOW IS RUN! RUN BEFORE THE DOCTOR CATCHES YOU!"

Spats threw down his weapon and the three started booking it out of the circus cart, running, running as fast as they could in hopes to escape the hell they
had thrown themselves into.


"This...This is the worst night of my life!" Chunk said, under her heavy breathing as she ran. "You had to get us in trouble with the weirdos didnt you Spats?!"

Spats skidded to a halt before turning and hissing at her "My fault?! We ALL agreed to go on this Halloween heist, It wasn't just my idea!"


Tubby had fallen far behind the other two, his chunky body didn't go as fast, and after just a bit of running he was already on his last breath.
"Guys..guys...w-wait for me! I-I-im pooped..guys?....Guys?"  He looked up ahead seeing the two arguing. "Geeze they're at it again..neither of them know
when to let it go...I might be safer just walking slower then them." Tubby continued to slowly go towards them as they yelled, looking at his empty candy bar
wrapper and sighing.

"Hey..kiddo~" A voice echoed from the corner.

Tubby quickly jolted around in fear, hoping it wasn't one of the crazies from earlier.
A tall cocker spaniel like dog, dressed in an unbuckled straitjacket stood in the alleyway, her fur was the color of syrup and her ears were long and fluffy.

"Who..who are you?" Tubby trembled

"Im Maple! I came out on Halloween when I heard an old candy factory had to shut down after their machines malfunctioned. Apparently it made hundreds and
hundreds of deformed candy pieces that exploded all over the whole building, and I know where it is too!"

"You mean...*hff* *hff* an entire factory filled with candy?"

"That's what I just said isn't it, but I cant get the door open with just one person...say, do you wanna help me break into the condemned sweet factory?!"

Tubby wobbled over to her, "Well, as long as its close by...I don't wanna leave my friends too far away by themselves."

"Sure thing!Its right down this alleyway actually," Maple turned down the alley and ran to a door in the far back. She tapped on it a few times and motioned
him over. "I just need someone to jimmy this handle while I jiggle this metal shard I found into the lock"

Tubby nodded and breathed in heavily as he began turning and pulling the doorknob. Maple stuck the shard of metal into the lock and turned and wiggled
it inside.After about five minutes of lock picking, the doors swung open!

"Wooo..oww!" Tubby looked on in shock and awe.

Old rusted machines were scattered about the entire factory. Candy was pilled up all over the floors. Deformed lollipops, melted gummy bears, candy corn that
was only one color, misshapen chocolate bars, and stick-less peppermint sticks.

"Its like Candyland if it were in hell!' Maple laughed before trotting forward to grab a handful of dusty candy from one of the piles and shoved it into
her mouth. "The stuffs not even that stale yet."

Tubby was slowly losing himself to his own lack of self control, he crawled around on the floor, picking up pieces of unwrapped candy and stuffing them
into his mouth. "Its good..Its really good!" He barely took a minute to breathe before slamming more chocolate down his throat.

Maple slowly lifted Tubby up to his feet and licked her lips, smiling at him. "You know whats just as good as chocolate?~ " She stared at him with a
look of lust in her eyes, then picked up a piece of hard candy off the ground and slowly pushed it past his lips...

Tubbys face lit up with a bright red blush, "O-Ooh w-whats that?"

'Smoochin~" Maple snickered...licking her lips,

"Ahh ahh! I never kissed a girl before!" He puckered up his lips and closed his eyes. He began slowly raising his face to hers, just inches away from a kiss.

All at once Maples eyes dilated, her teeth shown and her mouth foamed. She twisted her head around and drove her teeth deep into his neck. Tubby screamed and
began hyperventilating as blood sprayed from his wound. His body started convulsing and he slipped into shock.

Upon awaking he looked around the dark room, a large conveyor belt was aligned with his face. His hands and feet were nailed to the floor his blood
collecting with  rust. Four hooks were jabbed in the top and bottom of his mouth and tied tightly in back of his head , forcing his mouth open, and a long
metal ring was bolted around his neck forcing his mouth the the end of the conveyor belt.

"Rrru-a? RRUAH?!" He tried to scream ,but every movement of his head jiggled the hooks around causing more pain.

"GOOD MORNING! MY FOOLISH LOVER!" Maple stood on top of a balcony positioned above the great machine running the conveyor belt. "Did your mommy ever tell
you not to take candy factory break-ins from strangers?!"

Tubby shook his head trying to wiggle free, but every move made the nails tear deeper and deeper into his flesh. "Wwwah!? waaahu awwee uu doin dis to meeh!?"

QUITE HONESTLY ITS BEEN A BALL!!! I HAVEN'T HAD THIS MUCH FUN IN YEARS! While my father is after you for his revenge, I decided to help him rid the world of your
gang just for my own entertainment, and I thought what better way to kill glutton then with gluttony itself! HOPE YOU GOT YOUR TRICK OR TREAT BAG

Maple ran over to the side of the balcony, a large funnel was attached to the machine used to fill up the conveyor belt. She had large barrels of the expired
and rejected candy all lined up near it. She grasped onto one of the barrels then poured the candy into the funnel.It tumbled down inside clanking all the
way down then spat out the other end onto the conveyor belt that began pushing the entire barrel into Tubby's mouth.

He hacked and gagged, being forced to swallow loads of candy as it drifted into his mouth. Some went down, others he gagged back out onto the conveyor belt.
just to be pushed back inside him again. Hes stomach began to inflate with the excess candy being pumped inside it. Maple stood up on the balcony leaning over
to  watch, snickering manically.

"I wonder how long you'll last before your guts give out on you!"

Tubby whimpered as the first load of candy had finally emptied into his mouth. "Yooh..yoohre a moobster!"

"I am ..I am indeed a monster. That's no lie... but I doubt you expected me be a literal monster!" She grabbed a handful lollipops out of the bucket and
threw them down into the belt sticks and all.

They pushed their way to Tubby's throat, but refused to be swallowed as the long sticks got stuck in his windpipe. Tubby hacked and coughed in desperation
trying to knock the candy out of his throat, but before he could Maple was already pouring another load of candy down the funnel. More and more candy came
rushing at his face forcing its way inside him. It filled his mouth and compacted itself in his throat, the lollipop sticks that were already stuck inside were
forced all the way through his flesh, and punctured holes in his esophagus. Tubby's eyes rolled into the back of his head, gut grumbling as he gagged.

A large sea of pure sugary bloody vomit forced its way out of his mouth and sprayed across the belt, leaving the candy covered in stomach acid and chewed food.
Of course this didnt stop the machine, instead it continued to pump the now vomit covered candy back into Tubby's mouth. His guts we're filled to the brim and couldn't
stretch any further, but more candy was forced inside him, finally his guts gave out. With a scream of pain and a look of shock crossing his face, Tubby
felt his stomach pop. The candy oozed out his stomach and covered all his other internal organs with sweets.

Maple grabbed another load of candy and dumped it down the funnel "I see your bleeding from your mouth, I can sense your guts are popping inside your body,
this last load should finish the job!"

And finish the job it did. With snacks flowing out of his digestive track and into other parts of his body his skin began to stretch and tear, unable to
hold out much longer. Tubby's body movement hit a grinding halt, and he mumbled his last, inaubile words. His body expanded and his stomach skin exploded
outwards, leaving nothing but a bleeding lump of flesh and candy.



The two remaining gang members heard the explosion and began running down the alley and into the abandon factory's entrance. "I heard him in here,
hes gotta be in here, where else would a candy lover as big as himself go!?" Chunk pushed open the door then looked around.

"Do you think he went to the storage room?" Spats opened the storage door to peek around but to his dismay found no sign of him.

'Hes not in the shipping area either" Chunk walked out from behind a different door.

"Perhaps he went into the boxing area."

The two walked over the the metal door and pushed it open with a loud creek.
They slowly walked inside the room to investigate, but upon entering Spats eyes widened and Chunk became woozy nearly fainting.


Tubby's inflated corpse lay in a bloody mess near the conveyor belt. His guts ripped open wide, candy leaking from every tear. The room smelled strongly of
vomit and rot. Flies hovered over the lumps of flesh, landing on him to feast from his sugar stuffed corpse.

"I... I CANT DO THIS ANYMORE" Chunk broke down onto her knees tears streaming from her face " I DON'T WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU, OR THIS STUPID


'NO MAYBE NOT TO US...but we've hurt and beaten people before! We've traumatized and killed to our own benefit.... Well I'm done! I'm going home on my own."

Spats reached over and grasped her around her shirt "Oh..your not leaving! Your the only one left, and your gonna come with me ...and STAY with me until all this crazy is over!

Spats dragged her out of the building and down the road.


Spats slapped her on the side of her face "Be quiet you little bitch! We're going back to my house, while my parents are gone, and we will stay there till this whole ordeal is over."

He continued down the sidewalk making his way to his house, Chunk took a deep breath and bit hard into his arm. Spats let out a shriek of pain loosening his grip. Chunk slipped out his arms and
turned to run. Spats dove towards her grabbing her foot and tripping her over ,slamming her against the pavement. She clawed and bit at him  and he grabbed her body.  Rolling around
in the middle of the walkway. Their quarrelling was quickly ended as a set of hands grasped down on them, and ripped them off each other.

The doctors had caught them. They both dangled in the hands of the tall ones bony fingers grasped tightly around their necks.

"Well well well..look who we have here. I finally caught the big strong leader...and his little girlfriend as a bonus~"

"SHE IS NOT MY GIRL-ACK ACK" Spats chocked as the tall doctor tightened his grip around his neck.

"Please...."  Chunk Sobbed "Please... I wont hurt anyone anymore...I only did it because Spats.... H-h-he... he made me do it... just let me go! Don't kill me!"

"Thould we let her go Daddy~?"

"Hmmm...I perhaps we can! But only under one circumstance. Lets make her spend some time in the dog pit."

The small one turned and began prancing away, the tall one began following her close behind shortly after. They walked for what seemed like ages, until coming across the mountain. The mountain
they had been too before, the one they beat up that little girl and her father on...
The small doctor turned to her father and pulled off her mask

"Yep~ Ith me...that dorky thupid talking girl you decided to hurt... me and my daddy don't take kindly to dithrepect!"

SKlee removed his mask as well. "And for that you must be punished!"

He drug the two inside the lab. Down dark hallways the walls cracked and ageing, to a room on the side. Black liquid dripped from the hinges, and loud groans could be heard inside.
Kurai looked up at her father and smiled opening the door. Inside was a large cage that covered half the room. The cage was filled with long skinny dog like creatures, flesh was ripped and hanging from their
bones, their tongues dangled from the jaw-less bottom of their mouth. They were dripping black slime everywhere, from their mouths from their wounds. More tentacles hung from the ceiling and crawled down the sides of
the walls.

"Th...that is..disgusting..." Chunk stuttered with a lack of words.

"It IS disgusting...a dark reminder of my biggest mistake...I should have never created this ooze...but its too late now, its already embraced and all my family. The ones that helped rid me of you other brats"
Sklee through chunk to the floor and stepped a boot down on top of her holding her body down his his own strength.
As he held her down he ripped the cage door open, then grabbed her by her hair and tossed her in the cage
"Why you chose the perfect time to be kidnapped too. Mating season just passed and they're in need of a stomach to inject their young the child can GROW!"

Kurai whistled and called to the animals "CMON GIRLS YOUR HOLDER ITH HERE!"

The monsters turned to her,their dangling tongues reaching up to lick their lips. Chunks eyes swelled up and she slowly backed up into a corner.
"Good ...puppies..nice puppies...please don't hurt mm....AH"

A mess of tentacles shot out from the mouth of a dog behind her. It grasped firmly around her hands and ankles holding her limbs stiffly in place, in the shape of a "x"

She turned to face spats with tears in her eyes "SPATS YOU BASTARD THIS IS ALL YOUR FAUL-AGGAGAGUURGL!"  

A long jagged claw slipped its way out of one of the dog creatures mouth and stuffed it down Chunks throat, gagging and inflating her.

Spats eyes went wide. With a swift kick he slammed SKlee in the leg forcing  him to drop him as he yelled in pain.


Kurai growled and darted after him, and Sklee jumped back up following shortly after. The muffled screams fading out behind them. Spats
ran through Sklee lab, throwing things onto the floor and breaking them as he ran for the exit.



Spats ran out the door and started heading back to town. He ran past a farmland ,but stopped to turn back.

"The farm...I might be able to save myself"

SKlee stopped at the farm and stopped to look around.

"I know your here! I saw you stop here..."SKlee hissed and stood out in the feild.

"I am here..."

Spats stepped out a few feet away from SKlee, armed with a long sharp pitchfork.

"Oooo~ a fight you want is it!? Well lets see what your made of!" Sklee giggled and pulled his scalpel out of his pocket.  "COME AT ME!"

Spats took in a deep breathe and charged at SKlee, who quickly dodged and gave him a slice across the face.

"AGAH!" Spats yelled out in pain then turned to SKlee, blood drizzling down his newly slice wound.

"You think you can just out due a melee master!?"

Spats swung his weapon around hitting Sklee in the knee and tripping him into the dirt. He towered over Sklee and panted breathed heavily, then lifted the pitch fork into the air bringing it down.

SKlee gasped and rolled out of the way of the stab, then slammed his boot into Spats crotch.

"AH, GOD! T-that's not fair..." Spats fell to his knees , clutching at his pants.

SKlee grabbed Spats and slammed him against the wall of the old barn. Then began dragging his face across the old splintering wood and threw him to the side. Spats slid through the hay and smashed his face into the side of a large
corn husking machine placed near the side of the building. Spats jumped up and punched Sklee square in the face. SKlee fell into the dirt. Spats smiled manically at the bleeding doctor then smashed him upside the head with
the pitchfork slicing partially into this face.

"N..Now..Its time for me to kill the killer.." Spats lined up the pointed end of the pitchfork directly to his neck. "Say goodnight."

"OK!" A voice yelled behind him "GOODNIGHT!"  Kurai laughed and sliced through the back of his ankles with a sharp harvesting sickle.

Spats screamed and fell to the ground holding his ankles.

"You aren the only one who can uth farm tools as weaponth!"

Sklee climbed back to his feet, grabbing Spats off the ground and holding him above the corn huskers entrance.

"Now..its time for the get his revenge..." Sklee shoved his body into the husker and began forcing him through it.

"No...NO! Let me out! I don't wanna die!"


SKlee slammed his fist into Spats, pushing him through the grinders. His body was being torn, his bones cracked and his flesh was slashed up.
A thick red mush of flesh began being pushed out the other end of the husker.Spats gurgled as his mouth filled with gore and his own organs.
He clung desperately to the edge trying to slow his doom, to no avail. The last of his head was sucked into the machine, the last Kurai and Sklee saw of him.. before he was crushed to a bloody pulp,
his eyes popping out their sockets in his smashed skull.

"Its...done...the deed is done.."SKlee fell to his knees and Kurai held onto his arm.

Chunk sat at the side of the cage hacking. Black slime drizzled from her mouth nose and eyes.
Her stomach was swollen to the size of a watermelon.

The Door slowly opened and she looked up, SKlee and Kurai stood above her.

"Your free, I don't ever wanna see you causing trouble to kids anymore you got it ya big bully.."

Chunk slowly stood to her feet and limped out the door coughing, carrying her new parasitic young.

She began limping home.


"Have you been to the house in the mountain side yet? They have the best decorations, and the greatest costumes, its all so realistic! Even the Candy there is creepy, these gummy eyeballs look so real!"
Corruption and The Five trick-or-treaters,

I finally finished my story for Halloween.
I hope you will all give it a read as I suffered alot to publish this in time for Halloween 

All the "kids" in this story are just a bunch of angsty 18 year old dorks, I wouldnt hurt actual kids
I shall be writing a new torture story filled with gore and blood and family love!
It will be a Halloween special either released in chapters or all at once depending on how long it ends up being.
Cheers to Halloween!

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